#BeACreativeProducer Credits

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It has been such a wonderful pleasure and privilege to work on the #BeACreativeProducer Project.

Very many thank to all those who supported the project in so many ways!

The biggest thank you goes to the original team of five teenagers who have been so open in their exploration and who committed so much of their free time to the project. Thank you to Amelia Baker, Rowan Briggs Smith, Lluis Borrell, Imogen Ransome & Alex Tunstall – it’s been wonderful working with you all.

Thank you to the parents of the teenagers who supported the project and their children so enthusiastically.

We would like to say a special thank you to:

  • Pete Sayer from Gruffdog Theatre Company for kick starting our interviews.

  • Lynne Simpkin and the BA students we interviewed at NUA, on our first #BeACreativeProducer Project trip.

  • The people of Cambridge for allowing the team to interview them, as they appear in Scene 4.

  • All the many arts and education professionals who sent us their video clip messages to the team.

  • Susan Coles, Sharon Hodgson and Sophie Leach for inviting the #BeACreativeProducer team to the Houses of Parliament to present at the APPG for Art, Craft & Design Education.

  • Arts Picture House Cambridge for welcoming us into their cinema!

  • Snask, Stockholm, for allowing us to interview your enthusiastic staff.

  • Lefteris Herekis for his words to camera which we used in Scene 2.

  • Anna MacDonald for her words to camera which we use in Scene 5.

  • Cambridge Junction, for hosting a wonderful opening night.

Crowdfunder Supporters

Holly Burton
Morag Thomson Merriman
Andrea Butler
Stephen Taylor
Alex McNiven
Irina Richards
Susan Coles
Jane Reynard (who sponsored the ScolaQuip Prize)
Reg Den Hartog
Margaret Den Hartog
Jean Smith
Sarah Heydinger
Sarah Cannell (who sponsored the Henrys Odyssey Prize)
Clare Tunstall
3 x anonymous donors

Please join us on the next leg of the #BeACreativeProducer Project, and help enable new audiences of teenagers value and develop their creativity. Thank you.

Paula Briggs, Co-Director and Co-Founder, AccessArt