Houses, Home and Architecture

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Architecture is a fundamental element of our existence from the simplest framework that offers shelter, to large cities of sophisticated buildings that shape the environment within which we live.  Making and drawing can facilitate an understanding of the spaces, shapes and structures of architectural forms.  They can also enable a more personal response, allowing us to explore a sense of place and heritage or to create an intimate portrait of ‘home’.


Drawing and Collage

Inspired by Anglo Saxon Architecture

A short drawing exercise used to help collect information and focus minds before a sculpture session with Year 6 children who were studying Anglo Saxon architecture

One Line Street Scene

A warm up drawing exercise that encourages thinking about architectural shapes and structures,

Simple Perspective

Introducing children (aged 6 to 10) to the basics of perspective in relation to drawing architecture.

Draw Your Home: Collage and Stich

Inspired by the AccessArt participatory project, the AccessArt Village, fabric rubbings and simple stitching are used to make a colourful collage of a home.

Make A Stitched Drawing Of A House

Using a range of stitches and sewing materials to make a sewn house in an hour.

Printed Houses

Using found materials as printing blocks to create colourful patterned papers before using them to construct 3-dimensional paper houses.

Making An Ink And Wax Village

Introducing children to drawing techniques, wax resist and some fun creative processes.

Responding To Place

Artist Claire Louise Mather works with primary children to create an artistic response to the place in which they live, using drawing, collage and stitch.

Building Stories

Artist and educator June Nelson shares how she used photography, collage and iPads in Towner Contemporary Art Museum, Eastbourne to encourage looking, collaborating, and telling visual stories.

Houses from Around The World

Celebrating International Day by learning about and drawing houses from all over the world.

Street Drawing

Giving teenagers the opportunity to immerse themselves into a street view and explore drawing with a vanishing point.

A Workshop In Perspective

Sarah Wright from the Drawing Machine shares a wonderful and engaging technique for introducing children, teenagers and adults to perspective.

Collage Streets

Jan Miller demonstrates the process of using collage imaginatively in two ways to create individual pieces, that can be joined together to form a collaborative piece.


Be An Architect!

An introduction to architecture for children, and the opportunity to explore space, structure, interior and exterior.

Sculptures with Personality

Rather than recreate a model of an Anglo Saxon village, why not invite children to “make sculptures inspired by” an Anglo Saxon Village?

My House: A Cardboard Construction

Autobiographical architectural sculptures using corrugated cardboard, laid in strips on their side, to create sculptures designed to be peered in to.

Constructed Space

Artist Anne Harild shows how she integrates sculptural construction, time, photography and animation in a one day workshop at The Frieze Art Fair in 2008

Ink And Foamboard Architecture

Following on from the sessions in which children aged 10, 11 & 12 made drawings and collagraphs, this post shares how the children went on to make architectural models based upon their exploration.

Glow In The Dark Architectural Models

Where Art meets D&T. A project using a mix of traditional and smart materials to construct architectural models

Making A Scale Gallery

Paula Briggs shares the process by which 6 twelve year old children created a shared architectural model.

A Model Studio

Offering teenagers exposure to skills that are useful in a real life creative working environment.

Building Nests

A session centred around an exploration of the materials and construction methods we might use to build inventive, sculptural nests.

Make a model stitched house

A resource developed to celebrate the character and diversity of the many beautiful stitched houses we received as part of AccessArt\’s participatory project, the AccessArt Village.

Art for the square

Artist, Susie Olczak works with students at Hills Road, Sixth Form College, Cambridge, to explore the relationship between art, architecture and public space in a series of workshops

Making of a model village

Acclaimed artist duo Karen Guthrie and Nina Pope share how they achieved one of the most physical and ambitious contemporary art projects seen in Cambridge, in the creation of a model village of the future NW Cambridge development.
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