Resource Suggestions for Members of King’s College, Cambridge

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Our advice to you:

Trust the process. Draw and make, not for the outcome, but for the journey. Don\’t second guess how it feels to undertake an activity – it\’s not until you try the activity, and let yourself relax into the process, that you will know if it\’s for you or not.

If you hear the saboteur voice (you will), acknowledge it but let it go.

Let go of the need to know where you are going, or measure yourselves in terms of where you are. Explore and be open. 


Be Inspired...

Walking and Drawing

Andrea Butler shares how she makes marks to capture her sensory and visual experiences as she moves through the landscape

Drawing in the Dark

Andrea shares how she started with simple contour drawings and then began focussing on the moving figure, eventually taking her sketchbook to the cinema to draw in the dark, making drawings that were about the process of pure ‘seeing’ and developing a drawing trust between her eye/hand to make marks that recorded her visual experience


Watch animations made by teenagers exploring the creative process

Have a go...

Drawing with Objects

Melissa Pearce Murray makes drawings with objects, and the uses the objects as the starting point for traced images which explore the positive and negative space

Ten Minutes...

Commit to ten minutes drawing, five times a week

Sketchbook Course Online

5 short activities to start your sketchbook practice

Making a Scroll Drawing

Explore observational drawing in this scroll drawing exercise

Mark Making and Sound

Three exercises to explore mark making and sound

Prompt Cards

Short, sweet, mindful drawing prompts

Aural to Visual

Collecting objects and re-seeing them to inspire sound

Sketchbooks & Museums

Taking sketchbooks out and about

Pocket Gallery

Have fun with some creative thinking

Drawing to Help Understanding

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