Making Maps Magical with Thermochromic Paint – Where Art, Science and D&T Meet

By Paula Briggs and Sheila Ceccarelli

In this project we explored thermochromic paints, making maps which reacted to the heat of our hands to reveal their secrets! This is art which is meant to be handled!

Mindsets Online normally supply innovative materials to schools for use in D&T and science projects. After two wonderful visits to their warehouse and an inspiring introduction to some of their materials by Professor John Cave, Mindsets invited AccessArt to devise a number of projects which would help encourage teachers in primary schools to explore these materials in an art context. We were really excited by the challenge, not least because of the potential for creativity and exploration where art and science meet. Mrs Christine Page, Head at Bourn Primary Academy, and teacher Sarah Wheatman agreed we could work with 6 children from years 3,4,5, and 6 to create a “smart materials lab” – where the children would help us explore and test the materials in new contexts.

We ran three sessions at Bourn Primary Academy – I think the pupils found them a truly memorable experience! Find out more about the other two here.


making maps: magic maps with thermochromic paint
Making magic maps with thermochromic paint


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