Sketchbook Warm-Up by Jo Blaker

By Jo Blaker

1) Split the class into two.

2) Give one half of the class paints and ask them to mix a shade, and cover different kinds of scrap paper with this colour. You might use plants or objects to inspire their exploration of colour, but ask the pupils to make just the colour, not draw the object. Encourage them to try different techniques – broad strokes, little dots, patterns etc.

Once dried these can be cut into strips, shapes etc and used in sketchbooks for future drawings.

3) Whilst the first group are busy mixing colour, ask the second group to draw the first group. They could stay seated so that their view is slightly obscured – eg they may have to draw the side of someone’s face, the back of a head etc. Encourage this group to make lots of little, quick drawings on one page. They could focus on detail, or just shapes. They could fill in their drawings with pattern and/or colour at a later date.

4) Swap the groups around.

drawing people


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