Friday, April 25, 2014

Gemma Longbottom – an Animator’s Sketchbook

Artist Gemma Longbottom shares her sketchbook pages.

Gemma Longbottom

“My sketchbook is not just a book, it is one of the most important tools I use in order to understand what it is that I am actually trying to communicate through stop motion animation.

Gemma Longbottom

I use my sketchbook as a place to reflect, a place to store visual thoughts, a place to scribble, stick, cut, paint and explore characters, stories and different worlds.

Gemma Longbottom

On occasion I will go through at least 3 sketchbooks within a matter of weeks, as I can often get disoriented in the creativity that the blank pages can entice from me.

Gemma Longbottom

Despite my sketchbooks often being very shabby covered in paint marks, masking tape, scalpel scores and post-it notes; I definitely consider sketchbooks to be wonderful and useful artworks in their own right.”

Gemma Longbottom

Gemma Longbottom

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3 Responses to “Gemma Longbottom – an Animator’s Sketchbook”
  1. Alec Morrison says:

    I’m stunned by the beautiful and colourful creativity demonstrated in these sketchbooks. Mine are attempts to practice my drawing skills, so they are monochrome pencil images, sometimes line drawings, sometimes heavy with dark shadows, occasionally accompanied by notes of what I thought about the subject. I’m just too precious about my sketchbooks. They are a resource to be treasured. At least I now carry one with me wherever I go, and add quick drawings of people in cafes. On the odd occasion when I don’t have a sketchbook with me, I inevitably find I miss it and want to capture something around me. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement to expand my horizons.

    • Sheila Ceccarelli says:

      Thanks Alec for your comment – you may want to consider participating in Developing Sketchbooks Skills and Approaches Online Course – A chance to participate in exercises designed to expand your approach and most importantly a chance to get feed back from peers by uploading images of your work to the site.
      Best wishes,


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