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“I think you are doing such important work. Creativity is how we can encounter the world, and deal with almost anything and everything. It is what makes us human and humane.” Alice Kettle, Textile Artist

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Brand New: The AccessArt Drawing Journey for Ages 5 to 11

The AccessArt Drawing Journey is our latest offering to Primary Schools. 

Drawing skills underpin so many aspects of the visual arts. Use the carefully curated resources in the AccessArt Drawing Journey to help build both skills and enjoyment of drawing for all pupils (and teachers!). 

“The AccessArt Drawing Journey has been so cleverly put together. We’re really looking forward to using it across the school.”

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Merlin Evans

Which Artists: Merlin Evans

So often, we hear talk of the distinction between science and art, and no more so when teenagers proceed through their education and they are encouraged to choose one route or another. In reality, creative thinking helps scientific understanding and a scientific approach can inform and inspire art.

It’s so refreshing to read and see Merlin’s experience and understand how she works between these two areas – in her words “mixing subjects, and seeing how they work and intersect is where inventions take place!

We’re sure many young people will find Merlin’s work of interest and reassuring when they are pressured to choose “art or science“. 

Rachel Parker

We’re so pleased to welcome Surface Pattern Designer Rachel Parker to AccessArt.

Rachel has written a post which shares her inspiration and working practice which you can use in the classroom to introduce children to a contemporary designer.

Rachel has also created an inspirational video sharing her method for creating a repeating pattern – perfect for use by pupils of all ages. 


Sarah Pimenta

Artist Sarah Pimenta from Social Fabric shares a wonderful project creating banners with pupils at Woking Sixth Form College. 

The project celebrated the diversity within the college community by creating a collaborative welcome banner that would be hung in the entrance hall of the college. See the Project

Supporting Primary Teachers

Many Primary Schools across the country use AccessArt to inspire and enable a rich and creative curriculum. We specialise in creating resources which promote open-ended learning. In addition to providing activities which you can use with your pupils, we also create resources and events to help build skills of teachers. Explore our offer to Primary Schools. 

Rethinking our Approach to Primary Assessment

Paula Briggs from AccessArt shares her thoughts on how we can reframe “Progression” and “Assessment” to explore a more holistic and creative-centred approach. Watch the Presentation.

Mind the Gap Between The National Curriculum and Ofsted

How do Primary School teachers navigate the gap between the National Curriculum for Art and Ofsted? AccessArt spoke with Jennifer Gibbs, HMI, Subject Lead Art & Design, Ofsted. Read more.

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