AccessArt helps teachers at Belvue School to get ready for a Drawing Week

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Belvue School, Ealing, whose vision is “to be the centre of excellence for students with special educational needs,” invited AccessArt to do a series of twilight drawing sessions to introduce teachers to drawing in preparation for their upcoming Art Week.

Teachers in this group were not specialist Art teachers and many hadn’t drawn since pre-GCSE/O’levels, so this was a chance for them to break away from any preconceived ideas about what a drawing ‘should’ be and have the opportunity to explore, take ownership and enjoy some drawing processes and materials.

Many thanks to Tabitha Neal for inviting AccessArt to Belvue School where it was wonderful to meet and work with a team of such inspiring teachers.

Many thanks to teachers at Belvue School for sharing their processes with AccessArt and allowing me to photograph the session.
Click on the large image thumbnails below to see what we did each week:

Teachers Battle it Out in Conversation with Marks on Paper

Teachers embarked on an exercise whereby they made marks on paper to have a conversation with a partner. This was a playful and fun exercise and teachers very much enjoyed both the process and outcomes. Read More

Teachers Explore Pattern, Shape & Texture with Charcoal, Graphite, Masking Tape and Pastels

This was the second session in the series and an introduction to pattern, shape and texture with charcoal and graphite, and an opportunity for teachers to break down any preconceived ideas about what drawing is and who drawing processes is for. Read More

Play and Placement: Teachers Explore Approaches to Drawing

This was the third and final session in the series, and an opportunity to play with creative mark-making and explore context and placement as an introduction to larger scale drawing and concepts around installation art. Read More

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