Drawing Toys Inspired by Gwen John’s Cats!

By Paula Briggs

This term, AccessArt is running a series of drawings workshops for ages 6 to 10 which take their inspiration from artists of all kinds. This week we had a very busy workshop which focussed upon the beautiful drawings made by Gwen John. I’d asked the children to bring along their favourite animal toys to draw.

Gwen John, ©Tate, London 2012.
Gwen John, ©Tate, London 2012.

 Gwen John, ©Tate, London 2012.

We started off by having a closer look at how Gwen might have made her drawings. The children identified the possible materials as charcoal, graphite, ink and wash. We discussed how Gwen might have built up her pictures – did she make graphite line sketches and use the wash/ink over the top, or did she start with big, bold marks of wash, and add the pencil later?

Gwen John, ©Tate, London 2012.
Gwen John, ©Tate, London 2012.

 Gwen John, ©Tate, London 2012.

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