“Flock” at Prospect House School, Inspired by Veronica Lindsay-Addy

This session was inspired by the AccessArt #ShareaBird Project.

By Victoria Furze, at Prospect House School

“Thank you for the gift of art from Veronica Lindsay-Addy – the children have loved it.

In response to, and inspired by – we created “Flock” where every child, very simply, designed a bird in felt tip to represent themselves as they ‘took flight’ at the start of the new school year. All the birds were then displayed or hung in the entrance hall creating a collaborative installation which the children adore. None of the birds are named but they all love finding theirs in the flock… and I think we managed more than 200 birds!

The birds by Veronica Lindsay-Addy from AccessArt are displayed with them after a lot of handling and appreciation by the children.

I’ve attached some pictures but it was hard to capture the full effect as I couldn’t capture the room! I hope you enjoy!
Thanks so much for the inspiration”

#ShareaBird work by Veronica Lindsay-Addy
#ShareaBird work by Veronica Lindsay-Addy






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