The New AccessArt Primary Curriculum for Art

AccessArt is excited to be working on a brand-new Primary Curriculum for Art to be launched in May 2022.

Following the success of the existing AccessArt Exemplar Curriculum and Progression Plan, AccessArt currently has nearly 9500 members – 70% of which are primary schools using AccessArt ethos and resources to help deliver a rich creative curriculum in the visual arts.

AccessArt has a unique model amongst providers of visual arts education resources. The charity and membership organisation work with hundreds of artist educators and teachers in the UK and overseas to build an evolving collection of high quality resources which enable open-ended creative exploration. This co-created resource bank means schools benefit from the experience of a wide range of leading practitioners in the field, whilst being curated, guided and led by the vision of Paula Briggs and the AccessArt team.

The AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum will aim to:

  • Go far beyond meeting the requirements of the current National Curriculum, enabling schools to deliver an exciting art curriculum in the here and now, but also act as a model which leads with vision and expertise to help inform future curriculum planning in England and beyond.

  • Offer schools a fully flexible scheme of work which can be followed in whole or in part.

  • Present choices for schools, and enable teachers to develop skills so they feel able to tailor the curriculum, develop their ownership, and create outcomes unique to them.

  • Be outward looking in terms of approach, activities and artists, making the curriculum fully inclusive and relevant to all pupils.

  • Encourage schools, teachers and pupils to think about WHY we teach art, as well as HOW we might do so, and vitally, to help build understanding of why art and artists are relevant to society.

  • Enable all teachers including non-specialist teachers and teachers with little experience to feel confident and happy teaching art, developing their skills and personal sense of creativity and wellbeing.

The new AccessArt Primary Curriculum for Art will be launched in May 2022 giving schools time to explore and plan before Autumn term 2022. The introduction of the new AccessArt curriculum will be supported by extensive online CPD session for schools, including suggested start points in the form of mini-curriculum which schools can utilise in the Summer term 2022 as a way to better explore what AccessArt can offer their teachers and pupils.

We look forward to keeping you updated over the next few months. Please do get in touch if you have any questions, and join our facebook group at

Paula Briggs, Creative Director

January 2022