Transformation Project: Snippets of Inspiration

This page shares ideas and inspiration from other artists/makers relationship with manipulating the matter around them. Please share your sources of inspiration with us via

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Megan Boyd

Scottish Fishing Fly Maker

In a cottage in northern Scotland, Megan Boyd twirled bits of feather, fur, silver and gold into elaborate fishing flies — at once miniature works of art and absolutely lethal. Wherever men and women cast their lines for the mighty Atlantic salmon, her name is whispered in mythic reverence, and stories about her surface and swirl like fairy tales. With breathtaking cinematography and expressive, hand painted animation, Kiss the Water adheres to and escapes from traditional documentary form, spinning the facts and fictions of one woman’s life into a stunning film about craft, devotion, love, and its illusions. Enjoy the preview of Kiss the Water below – the film is sure to inspire.

Hubert Duprat

Caddis Fly Larvae

French artist Hubert Duprat worked in partnership with caddis fly larvae to create these wonderful living works of art.

Cornelia Parker

Manipulating Matter

British sculptor and installation artist Cornelia Parker transforms ordinary objects into something compelling and extraordinary.

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