Using Modroc as a Sculptural Construction Material: Handmade Plasterboard!

By Paula Briggs

Years ago when I was a degree student at Norwich School of Art I made some sheets of plasterboard to use as a construction material for my sculpture. At the time I made them from plaster and scrim, on a large scale. More recently I had been thinking of a construction material to use for an iceberg project I was running with some primary aged children, and the hand built plasterboard popped into my head. Having modroc to hand, I made some smaller sheets which I’ll be using with the children later this term, but I thought I’d share how I made the boards as I think they might be a really inspiring material for many sculpture or painting projects. This methods also provides an alternative way to use modroc in construction-based projects, rather than as a modelling material.

Using modroc: plasterboard sheets
Plasterboard sheets


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Year 2
Year 2
Year 2, Ruth at Carden Primary School
Year 2, Ruth at Carden Primary School
Year 2, Ruth at Carden Primary School

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