Visual Arts Planning: Cardboard and Paper

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AccessArt is looking at the life-cycle of materials and aims to lower the environmental impact of the activities we’re encouraging.

AccessArt believes that children need to learn hand-skills and how to manipulate materials, but also recognises that as educators, we have to mindful of how we dispose of the materials that we use.

Here are a selection of AccessArt posts to help you explore cardboard and paper.


Thinking 3 Dimensionally with cardboard

Cardboard is a flexible, versatile and cheap material to use to explore sculptural ideas. Staff at Ridgefield Primary School explore making cardboard sculptures during a staff training day.

Inspired by miro

Collage, automatic drawing and sculpture. Year 5 pupils worked in cardboard inspired by the work of artist Joan Miro.

Cardboard engineering challenge

This workshop was all about getting year three and four pupils to think about the biggest challenge for any maker: how to make something stand up.

My house: a cardboard construction

Transforming an ordinary, everyday material into an extraordinary object. These autobiographical architectural sculptures use corrugated cardboard, laid in strips on their side, to create sculptures designed to be peered in to!

Kinetic mobiles

D&T teacher Laura Kohler introduces the concept of kinetic mobile and demonstrates how simple cardboard shapes can be suspended with dowel and thread.

The 1kg challenge with andee collard

Artist and teacher Andee Collard sets a challenge to his D&T students, at Welling School, to make a cardboard structure to hold a 1KG weight.

Layers in the landscape with emma davies

Artist Educator Emma Davies shares an inspirational resource, to enable students to interpret the landscape through the construction of colourful, shallow relief, cardboard sculptures.

Cardboard and jewellery

Artist Andrea Butler uses cardboard and jewellery to explore a simple design and construction exercise, working within the limitations of a right angle.

Paperback Figures

Artist Andrea Butler makes use of second-hand books as creative material.

3D drawing with paper

Artist Andrea Butler leads teenage students on paper sculpture workshop.

Make a simple bird mobile

Artist Nicola McGovern was one of the artists who generously donated an artwork to the AccessArt Share-a-Bird Project. She sent a mobile of a puffin and included a template so that the children who received her bird could have fun making a whole flock of puffins.

Get Connected! Cardboard robots

In this table top post AccessArt team member and artist Rachel Thompson shows you how to make a robot using scrap cardboard and split pins to create movable joints.

Making 'sketch' models

Introducing the concepts behind designing theatre sets with AccessArt team member and artist Rachel Thompson.

Paper Puzzle Purse - part 1

Artist and teacher Eilis Hanson loves nurturing young learners’ creativity through art activities. In Part 1 of this resource, Eilis demonstrates a method for creating an origami puzzle purse.

Paper puzzle purse - part 2

In Part 2 of this resource, Eilis shows how origami puzzle purses created in Part 1 can be personalised and decorated based on popular children’s books.
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