Which Artists: Textile Artists for Ages 5 to 11

Links below lead to:

  • Pathways (collections of resources which can be used over a period of time in a class or workshop setting)

  • Artists Websites

  • Individual relevant resources on AccessArt

These pages are in development. 

Pathways Coming Soon...

Explore Artists…

Which Artists: Cas Holmes

‘Painting with Cloth’ Landscape/Sense of Place

Claire Benn

Textiles inspired by wilderness landscape

Dorothy Caldwell

Mapping Land And Memory Through Stitch And Cloth

Which Artists: Rachel Parker

Surface Textile Designer

Eloise Renouf

Illustrator & Designer of Graphic/Abstract Patterns

Which Artists: Gabby Savage Dickson

Felting and Embroidering Sets

Emily Jo Gibbs

Hand Stitched Portraits & Still Life Using Fabric & Stitch

Debbie Lyddon

Mixed Media Sculptures & Installations Of Landscape
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