Years 3 and 4 D&T and Making Club

A collection of resources by Sheila Ceccarelli based on her Brilliant Makers Club for year three and four pupils at Milton Road Primary School, Cambridge.

Children were encouraged to experiment, think and engineer creative solutions by working on simple projects, with individual and independently generated outcomes.

Year 3 & 4 Making Club: Animal Parade – Week One

Pupils use AccessArt’s carnival mask template to create animal mask designs

Year 3 & 4 Making Club: Animal Parade – Week Two

Pupils make their animal mask designs 3D

Year 3 & 4 Making Club: Animal Parade – Week Three

Pupils put finishing touches on their animal masks using paint

Long Legged Animals by Years 3 & 4 Making Club

Pupils work over several sessions to create their very own long legged animals with Modroc and sticks

Articulated Beasts

Using wire to create articulated joints and moving beasts

Animating Articulated Beasts

Using pocket digital cameras to animate beasts

40 Minute Cardboard and Double-Sided Sticky Tape Engineering Challenge

Simple engineering challenge using the competitive spirit and a bit of cardboard!