You And Me Make Tree

By Andrew Amondson

Did you know trees are the oldest living species on the planet? Get into nature and draw a tree today.

Go outside and draw a tree. Then, dig up an interesting fact about trees and share it along with your creation, posting with the hastag #virtualforest2020 and #youandmemaketree. You can paint, augment a photo, write a poem in the shape of a tree, or anything else you are inspired to do.

What is important for me is that you share your tree knowledge with the rest of us. It’s a great bit of quick research to do online and the fact is that we humans love facts. Looking forward to seeing your treecreations!

Question: If you were a tree what would you be? What did you learn about trees that you didn’t already know?

“I woke up this morning thinking about trees. Trees like these. I come form the West Coast of the US where so many forests have been burning, about my father and his father who were loggers and they cut down some the oldest biggest trees we’ve ever know.

But I’ve come up with an idea and I want to develop it with the Forest Of Imagination for the city of Bath in 2021. Its called The Living Tree. It’s a scaleable Christmas tree for public spaces made up of smaller potted trees that are then planted after the holidays.

Andrew Amondson Living Christmas Tree

I love trees and I find them endlessly fascinating, and if you haven’t guessed it by now, todays challenge is all about trees. Our best defence against a warming planet.

I want you to go outside and find a tree and draw it. Next, I want you to dig an interesting fact about trees, like did you know trees are the oldest living species on the planet? Its true.

Now, take those two things together and put them together on instagram using the hashtag #virtualforest2020 and #youmemaketree.”


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