Sculptural for Teenagers

Sculpture for Teenagers by Sheila Ceccarelli

These six resources have been designed to give teenagers the opportunity to experiment with making sculpture and introduce basic sculptural principles and ideas into their work.

We hope that these resources will help, not only inspire teenagers to make sculpture and teachers to facilitate making opportunities, within their own programmes,  but also enhance teenagers’ own experiences of looking, understanding and appreciating sculpture.

Click on the images below to link to sculpture resources.

Drawing and Making: processes feeding each other
Drawing Feeding Making – Making Feeding Drawing


Daisy's finished sculpture
Working with the Horizontal – Making Inspired by Landscape


Drawing feeding making - tree growing from the paper
Experimenting with Mixed Media and Exploring Materials


Student working up from the base
Standing Up! – Introducing the Vertical and Working from the Base


Taller than life size - Adam's sculpture
Reaching the Limit – Making Taller than Lifesize Sculptures and Stretching Materials


Mia's final enclosed space: Newspaper and art straws
Enclosing Space


AccessArt have many other resources to help support and develop making across all ages and abilities check out all AccessArt Sculpture Resources Here.

And if you’ve not seen one of our oldest resource What is Sculpture? then check it out. It’s still cute!

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