Be Inspired to Inspire

By Sheila Ceccarelli

Do you ever feel as a creative facilitator you, yourself need to be filled, and that teaching just can’t go on until your batteries have been recharged and creative spirit reenergised? 

That’s how I was feeling last Tuesday, before my Experimental Drawing Class, so decided, after seeing a friend’s posting on Facebook about forest bluebells in bloom, that instead of spending my morning planning indoors, I’d go out for a walk and find some inspiration for my students and myself outside.

Bluebell forest by Sheila Ceccarelli
Bluebell forest


The bluebell forest was overwhelmingly beautiful and I did feel inspired, though I still did not know how that would translate back in the studio with my students.

I have a class full of builders who love to construct, and enjoy working big, so remembering some black sugar paper and work by Rebecca Hoyes, I set students the challenge of transforming the studio into their own bluebell forest.

This was a quick and energetic session whereby teenagers transformed the studio into a forest in just an hour!

Bluebell forest by teenagers at AccessArt's Experimental Drawing Class
Bluebell forest by teenagers at AccessArt’s Experimental Drawing Class

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