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We’re pleased to recommend these books for teachers, educators, artists and parents. Pls get in touch if you would like us to include a book. 

By Paula Briggs

Drawing Projects for Children is a beautifully illustrated collection of activities that will expand the mark making abilities and imagination of children of all ages, and help fuel their passion for drawing.

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“A beautiful book, full of ideas and a vivid sense of materials — truly appetising and stimulating.” Sir Quentin Blake

“Drawing Projects for Children is fantastic and I know it will be an inspiration to many educators”

Make, Build, Create: Sculpture Projects for Children

By Paula Briggs

Make, Build, Create aims to remind us of the importance and pleasure of making. Make, Build, Create is a practical, beautiful and uplifting book which contains 24 fully illustrated sculpture projects for children, plus information on tools and materials that will enable a creative and open-ended exploration of key sculptural ideas. Read more here.

“Inspires Intelligent making to prepare the next generation of creative makers and thinkers”, Lesley Butterworth, National Society for Education on Art & Design

A fantastic, inspiring go-to guide for anyone contemplating making with children”, Helen Culley, Key Stage 2 Leader

By Andria Zafirakou

Those Who Can, Teach is the powerful, inspiring story of Andria Zafirakou, ‘the best teacher in the world’, and what it takes to work on the frontlines of education today

Arts teacher Andria Zafirakou was always a rule-breaker. At her inner-city London school where over a hundred languages are spoken, she would sense urgent needs; mending uniforms, calling social services, shielding vulnerable teens from gangs. And she would tailor each class to its pupils, fiercely believing in the power of art to unlock trauma, or give a mute child the confidence to speak. Time and again, she would be proved right.

Andria’s story is a rallying wake-up call that shows what life is really like for schoolchildren today, and a moving insight into the extraordinary people shaping the next generation. Read more here.

‘A magic combination of belief and compassion’ Financial Times

‘Zafirakou’s generosity offers a gleam of hope in a world that can seem unremittingly dark’ Guardian

‘An amazing person . . . What struck me was just her sheer joy’ Jeremy Vine, BBC Radio 2

By Paul Carney

“We should all be drawing, every day, in every lesson”

Drawing to Learn Anything, no drawing skills required, takes a cross-disciplinary approach to learning and builds on some excellent research done in 2018 by Wammes, Fernandez and Meade that showed the efficacy of drawing on memory. 

‘If you can write it or say it, you can draw it, and drawing is more effective than either of them for memory and retention.’ Paul Carney

Aimed at students aged 10 and over, the book shows how non-skilled drawing can help students learn more effectively in any subject across the curriculum. Written for students and teachers. Read more here

By Phil Dean

Featuring 20 clear and easy step-by-step exercises, Tate Sketch Club: Urban Drawing is an essential guide to putting your drawing skills into practice. You’ll learn how to start, when to stop and how to fix common mistakes when drawing your favourite urban spots.

Packed with all the energy and inspiration of a drawing group, this is the ideal book for anyone looking to take their urban drawing further, learn or perfect your urban drawing skills or just develop your own unique style.

The aim of the book is to inspire you to sketch in the urban environment. It contains many of the hard-won tips and tricks Phil has learned over a lifetime of sketching. Read more here

By Emma Burleigh

Soul Colour is a ten-week watercolor painting course to cultivate mindfulness and creativity. This beautiful book will teach you how to enjoy watercolour painting as a contemplative practice for self-discovery. Develop confidence to paint more intuitively, give yourself permission to enjoy the unexpected and make mistakes, deepen your meditation skills and discover a new sense of reflective calm. An art teacher with over 20 years’ experience, Emma Burleigh shares her knowledge through workshops and courses. Her specialty is mindful watercolour, helping others expand their skills as artists while also taking them on a peaceful journey within. Read more here.

“I have never seen a book that offers both instruction in an art medium, in this case, watercolor, and thoughtful prompts for using the medium to know self, soul and imagination so successfully. Process and product are seamlessly joined in this beautiful book. Emma Burleigh has generously demonstrated her skill through the exquisite illustrations while giving us the clear and simple how-to directions to achieve our own authentic expression.” Pat B Allen, Prof. of Art and Consciousness at Berkeley Uni and author of ‘Art is a Way of Knowing’

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