AccessArt & #BeACreativeProducer Digital Wellbeing Week

In response to the need to help teenagers navigate their use of digital media and increase their sense of wellbeing, AccessArt has launched a Digital Wellbeing Week.

Digital Wellbeing Week provides an opportunity for schools to encourage pupils to become more aware of their use of digital media, and how they can balance a more mindful and creative use of digital media with an exploration of creativity in the physical world. 

The resources used in the Digital Wellbeing Week were created in collaboration with teenagers during the #BeACreativeProducer project. The resources have been designed to be shown in classrooms, assembly, or at home.

You can find all the resources you need below.

There are no set dates for the Digital Wellbeing Week – instead a school can choose a time which is convenient to them. The resources are suitable for Years 6 to 11 (UK schools) or ages 10 to 16. 

The #BeACreativeProducer Project has 3 core values:

The project has 3 main core values:

  • We need to help teenagers balance digital and physical, and to enable them to use digital in a mindful way

  • We need to help teenagers value their creativity

  • We can help teenagers find inspiration through friendship & collaboration


Meet the #BeACreativeProducer Team, and Then Try A quick quiz to help you think about how use use digital media

Follow-On Discussion Points:

How do you spend your time online?

How does it make you feel?

Is there anything you would like to change about the way you use digital media?


Be Creative! Why is Being Creative Important?

Follow-On Discussion Points:

What kinds of creative things do you do? In school and out of school? In the physical world, and in the digital world?

How do they make you feel?


How Can We Become More Creative?

Follow-On Discussion Points:

There are different stages to being creative. Sometimes you need to “take in” to get inspiration. Sometimes you need to make “space” to have ideas. Sometimes being creative feels good, but sometimes being creative is hard work.

Do you recognise any of these stages? How do you feel, in the different stages?

Can you think how you can help yourself, or help your friends, in the different stages?


What Kinds of Things Can Hold Us Back?

Follow-On Discussion Points:

Do you recognise any of the “Ogres” that can hold us back?

How do you get round these thoughts?


Go For It! Tips & Tricks To Help You Be Creative

Follow-On Discussion Points:

Think about the things you like to look at online (music, fashion, art, dancing, film, games…).

Think about your own skills…

If you could have a dream, what would YOU like to produce/create?

Start small, or think big! It’s up to you!

What Next?!

Make your own films & animations!

We have lots of resources which share how we combined our skills to make our films and animations. Be inspired and make your own! You might use these resource in the classroom, at home, or even start a #BeACreativeProducer club.

More resources are added each month.