Forest Of Imagination

In this series of posts Artist Andrew Amondson invites us to connect with nature through a series of video invitations, encouraging us to get outside and explore our landscape in creative ways, both independently and collaboratively.
Andrew’s Virtual Forest Instagram takeover formed part of the Forest of Imagination – a free and open event to all ages that encourages participants to explore an alternative experience of nature in the city, and see the contemporary arts come alive in this outdoor setting.
Forest of Imagination is an evolving project that runs each summer, showcasing a wide range of events and participatory activities in the historic city of Bath.
You can find out more about the Forest of Imagination here

Introduction To Forest Of Imagination by Andrew Amondson

Like a Forest, we are all connected and we use our social networks to share information and inspiration. Andrew believes that it is our connectedness, to each other and to nature, in concert with our creativity, that will generate the answers to this climate crisis and the question of how we make a better world for us all. In this series of posts artist Andrew introduces us to Forest of Imagination and encourages you to do small acts of creativity in nature throughout your day.

Nature Tagging by Andrew Amondson

Follow in Andy Goldworthy’s footsteps and rearrange little bits of nature to create a piece of natural art, leave your artistic intervention for all to enjoy!

End Of The Line by Andrew Amondson

Andrew sets a challenge to make an phone call to a friend or someone in your family you want to catch up with… and draw!

You & Me Make Tree by Andrew Amondson

In this video Andrew sets a final challenge to connect with nature by going outside and drawing a tree. Dig up an interesting fact about trees and share it along with your creation! Get involved and become a member of the Virtual Forest community today #virtualforest2020
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