Nature Tagging

By Andrew Amondson

In this video Andrew encourages children to connect with nature and create little works of art out of leaves, sticks and anything else you find on the forest ground. Leave your works of art for other people to find.

Rearrange little bits of nature to create a piece of natural art, snap a pic to post it on Instagram using the hashtags #virtualforest2020 and #naturetagging, and leave your artistic intervention for all to enjoy! It can be a face, a pattern (see Andy Goldsworthy) a message or anything you are inspired to create You can also geo-tag your eco graffiti so others can find it in the real world!

Question: How did it feel to leave your creation behind? What would you like someone to think or feel when they happen upon your nature creation?

“So todays challenge is a bit of nature tagging, so get out into nature, find yourself some trees and keep a look out for something you might be able to use…

These should do, grab a couple of pieces like that. There we get her nose, a smile, get some hair up there.

Leaf Face by Andrew Amondson


Now just leave that there for somebody to see when they’re walking by and who knows, maybe you’ll make someone smile today.”


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