1. Cathy mills
    May 16, 2018 @ 9:51 am

    Great speech, thank you! I am already a member of Access Arts happy to say…..as a self employed artist I would love to be offering more to schools but finding a way in is not always easy esp when budgets are tight. I will shortly be moving to Bristol and plan to introduce myself at local schools to offer one off or regular workshop input. Is there a way we could be doing this as Access Arts members rather than a single artist. I could enclose a copy of this speech to inspire and perhaps do a slide show and brief intro talk for free initially. Do you have any more thoughts?
    Many thanks and all the best Cathy Mills


    • Sheila, AccessArt
      May 16, 2018 @ 10:58 am

      Hello Cathy and thanks for getting in touch about this… We’re trying to work out how we can offer artists more practical help in getting into schools to offer their facilitation/workshop services – during a time when schools have limited funds and different priorities. I think saying that you are a member of AccessArt might help (and contributor!) but unfortunately we can not personally recommend an artist directly to a school, who we have not observed teaching and run through our own DBS checks. What we need to develop is some training and certification programme for members of AccessArt – but we’re not there yet. But thank you for planting the seed – that’s definitely the way we’d like to head – so we can support people like you more constructively.
      Having said that – we are trying to set up a network of Brilliant Makers Clubs – We can not certify you or the club – but we can signpost you to how others have set up clubs and approached their local schools to do so – we can also give you a Brilliant Makers badge – which does not certify your course BUT says that you as a facilitator support making and the AccessArt Brilliant Makers campaign – in return your club can be listed on our site (Brilliant Makers clubs). We can also sign post you to resources to help plan workshop content as well as links to practical tips like how to get DBS and insurance. https://www.accessart.org.uk/the-brilliant-makers-club/
      Many thanks again for getting in touch. Good luck with your move to Bristol. Best wishes, Sheila


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