Brilliant Makers Clubs

Do you believe in the power of making? AccessArt does!

I want to set up a Brilliant Makers club as...

I want to set up a Brilliant Makers club as...

An Artist-Educator

A Classroom Teacher


As an Artist-Educator, you can set up, plan and deliver a club within a school or community setting. Take the Brilliant Makers pledge, establish your setting and plan your club using our Brilliant Makers resources!



As a classroom teacher, you can set up a club for your own class, or for a range of children in the school. Clubs can run at lunch time or after school and time can be saved on planning by using our designated Brilliant Makers resources.


Practical Resources for Workshop Organisers

New to Leading Workshops? Find practical guidance and info here…

Working with Children and Vulnerable Adults

Document your Teaching & add it to the AccessArt Resource Pot!

See the Brilliant Makers Clubs

Brilliant Makers Club Summary Guidelines

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