Key Concepts for Primary Schools in Drawing for ages 7 to 9

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The statements below can be used by primary schools to check that the offering the school provides to pupils covers key concepts in drawing.

By the end of  UK Year 4 (age 9) these statements should resonate with the majority of pupils (and form the basis of opportunities provided by school, covering key concepts in drawing).

  • I have enjoyed exploring different drawing activities, and I have found ideas, techniques or materials which I like.

  • I have had the opportunity to work on a variety of scales. Not all the drawing I have done has taken place at a desk.

  • I understand key words relating to drawing, and have gained this understand through practical experience.

  • I have used a variety of drawing media and been given the opportunity to practice my skills. I have also drawn on a variety of drawing surfaces.

  • I have made drawings from observation, and imagination, and I have felt increasingly able to experiment.

  • I have drawn alone and I have also created drawings as part of a group.

  • I have been introduced to some of the reasons we might draw: drawing for its own sake, drawing to share ideas, drawing to build my understanding.

  • I have drawn from a variety of subject matter, including drawing from life (including people and places), as well as drawing from photographs and film.

  • I have been inspired by the drawings of other artists, craftspeople, designers and architects, and I understand the role of drawing to my world.

  • I feel I have been able to develop my creativity through drawing.

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