Life Drawing Inspired by “Where the Wild Things Are”

By Paula Briggs

This resource forms part of a series which enable primary-aged children to explore drawing and making inspired by Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are”. See all the resources in this series here.

In previous sessions we worked from our imagination to draw a fictitious landscape. In this session (the 4th in the series), the children use their observational skills to draw from life, with the twist that they are allowed to transform what they see into their own “wild thing”!

Drawing from Life

You Will Need:

  • Sketchbooks and A3 paper/drawing boards
  • Handwriting pens
  • Soft (B) pencils
  • A life model (possibly dressed up as a “wild thing”).

Time: 1 hr


  • The experience of making quick studies from life, observing big shapes and making gestural marks.
  • The opportunity to take ownership of their drawings by combining imagination with observation.
  • Rough sketches which can be used to inform later artwork.

To Begin:

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