AccessArt Prompt Cards

Exploring how we can build our vocabulary of mark-making to help develop our drawing skills.


The AccessArt Prompt Cards are a series of very short drawing prompts which can be used in a wide variety of situations. You can download the prompts below as a PDF.

The AccessArt Prompt Cards

The AccessArt Prompt Cards

Using the Drawing Prompts as a Warm Up

The Drawing Prompts are a great way to help learners be open about what drawing is and how they make marks on a page. 

Before you work with the drawing cards, consider enabling learners to understand how they hold a pencil, how much pressure they apply, and how they move their arm will effect the marks they make. See Anatomy of a Pencil resource here. 

Moving & Drawing by Betsy Dadd

Teenagers Make Their Own Prompts

Anatomy of a Pencil

Using the Drawing Prompts as an Aid to Well Being

The resources below share how you might use the Drawing Prompts to help learners develop their appreciation of drawing in the “now” – a useful skill to help build a sense of well being.


Drawing as a Tool for Mindfulness

Arts and Minds

Using the Drawing Prompts as an Aid to Exploring

In the resource below, the AccessArt Drawing prompts were used as a way to help teachers (or learners of any age) explore artwork made by others (in this case an exhibition of the work by Degas at the Fitzwilliam Museum). The drawing prompts help learners collect information in a visual way and help make an individual creative resource.


Drawing in a Museum of Gallery

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