In-Depth Drawing Experience for Teenagers by Betsy Dadd

Betsy Dadd

Student walks and draws at the same time - looking and drawing in continuous motion
Student walks and draws at the same time – looking and drawing in continuous motion


Artist and educator Betsy Dadd shares how she inspired teenagers to enjoy an in-depth exploration of drawings resulting in working on a large scale and finally animating their work.

This project was shared with AccessArt as part of the 40 Artist Educator Project, funded by Arts Council England, aiming to highlight and celebrate artist-led teaching and facilitation.

Moving & Drawing by Betsy Dadd

Betsy offered year nine Graphic and Art students at St Bede’s Inter-Faith School, an exceptional opportunity to look and visually re-consider the environment around them with an in-depth exploration of the drawing process.

Betsy showed students her own work and talked about her process of creating large scale, textured animations on paper. Betsy then led students through a series of insightful and meaningful drawing experiences that would make students re-examine their idea of what drawing is.

“The workshop at St Bede’s was dedicated to drawing and in particular moving drawing. By venturing out of the classroom to the various green spaces around the school, we explored different ways to look and record what was seen. As well as experimenting with mark-making, the exercises were about being observant and scrutinising familiar spaces that often go overlooked. Whilst the drawings were abstracted from their subject matter, they exist as a portal back to the experience of being in that place.”

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