Resources for Teaching Art at Home

A Selection of Resources for Use During Lockdown For Primary & Secondary Aged Children

Please note: There is a “Print PDF” button at the bottom of most of our resources which enables you to generate a pdf of the activity. You can use this to send to pupils who don’t necessarily have online access. This includes a text version of any videos. 

“Sketchbooks!” is a short online course AccessArt has created in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Sketchbooks provide an ideal medium through which to centre and explore during this period, and the skills learnt and ideas developed will stand children in good stead for when they return to school. 

No special materials are required and it is completely free to take part. Read more.


What shape is your drawing? This simple resources encourages close looking and fluid mark-making, and is suitable for all ages and uses scrap materials. Read more. 

Three exercises to help learners explore mark making and sound. Fun and adaptable – expand to ask children to record their own sounds too! Read more. 

A simple way to make an artist’s book, suitable for children aged 8 and upwards. The project uses recycled paper and whatever drawing materials you have at hand. The exercise encourages children and teenagers to shape their drawing not just informed by drawing subject matter, but also informed by the surface you are drawing on.

You can adapt the focus of this activity to suit the audience. For example you might theme the book around objects or people around you, around things from the garden, or around your imagination.
Read more. 

A classic drawing exercise set to video. Read more. 

A comprehensive set of video-enabled drawing activities for all ages. Includes making layered portraits, exploring typography, watercolour, comics! Specially created for lockdown. Read more. 

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