Simple Animation: Making a Flick Book

By Paula Briggs

This resource is part of the #BeACreativeProducer series of resources.

One of the simplest ways to make an animation is to make a flick book, and then film it on your phone. 

In the video below, Alex, member of the #BeACreativeProducer team, shares how to make a flick book. Thanks to #BeACreativeProducer’s Rowan, Immy and Amelia for the artwork, and Alex for the music. Thanks to Lluis for leading the flick book workshop at Cambridge Junction. 

Flick Book Animation Tips!

  • Use Flash Cards (or Index Cards) to make your flick book. You can secure the pages with an elastic band or a bulldog clip.

Flick Book Animation

  • Start with the last drawing in your sequence. You might like to make 4 or 5 cards with the same image on, as when you flick the pages it takes the eye 4 or 5 pages to register the first image.

Flick Book Animation: Sequence your Drawings

  • Lay a blank card over the last drawing, and vary your drawing very slightly. You might want to hold your cards up against a window or lightbox to help you see your last drawing.

Flick Book Animation: Sequence your Drawings

  • Aim for 20 or more drawings. The more the better! But keep your storyline simple.
  • When you flick your book, including extra blank cards at the end will help you flick the book.
  • Ask a friend for help in filming your animation on a phone camera, or use a small tripod. 

Making a Flick Book

Making a Flick Book

Making a Flick Book

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