Creative Pedagogy & Pathways: The Wish List

We are all passionate about the importance of art education, and we all represent different audiences. To help explore how we can help support each other to help create a more sustained pipeline from early years through to life long learning, and to build new links within the pipeline, we need to consider our Wish List. The audiences we work with do not exist in a vacuum – they are part of a larger picture. By sharing our wish lists we might be able to see where we can better support and learn from each other.

Thinking in particular about the individuals, organisations and institutions around you, what would you like to ask of them? Is there a type of organisation you have never had experience of collaborating with, but would like to.

Some examples:

  • You are a secondary school teacher. Can you describe the traits of Yr 7 pupils you would love to inherit from your feeder primary school.

  • You work in HE. You’ve never worked with EYFS teachers, or children that age, but you’d quite like to see what goes on in early years education to better understand the other end of the educational chain.

  • You work in FE. What would you like to ask GCSE and A level teachers to develop – in terms of skills in Foundation Course Students?

  • You work in a creative industry. Which skills would you like to elevate in primary and secondary schools?

  • You are a practising artist/designer. Think back to your 7 year old self. What gift list would you wish on your 7 year old self? On your 85 year old self?

  • There is an issue which you come up against time and time again. What is it and how can your wish list fix it? Who are you asking for help?

How to Share Your Wish List

  1. Teachers, Educators, Policy Makers, Stake Holders, Parents, Artists and Students – We invite EVERYONE to send us your wish list, by email, and we will share as many of those lists as we can via the AccessArt website.