Monoprint Ideas – Using Monoprinting to Free Up the Drawing Process

By Sheila Ceccarelli

This post shares monoprint ideas and explores how monoprinting can be used to free up the drawing process.

Monoprinting is a really great way to free up if you’re feeling bogged down worrying about final results – or if you just want to loosen your drawings up a bit and have some fun experimenting with line, texture and colour.

The wonderful thing about monoprinting is that results are immediate and you can quite quickly build up a body of work, which can be used later in collage or just kept in its own right. Mono-printing is an ideal process for working through ideas and experimenting quickly and finished pieces are excellent for sketchbooks to demonstrate experimentation and exploration. Also, some wonderful textures, effects and ‘happy accidents’ can emerge on the way.

See also Accessible Printmaking Techniques a 14 page, fully illustrated PDF explores four main printmaking techniques (Linoprint, blockprint, monoprint and screenprint) which can be used with all ages/abilities, without the need for expensive or high tech materials or equipment.

Images from the workshop below were taken from AccessArts’ Experimental Drawing Class for Teenagers. Many thanks to them for sharing their images and process so generously with us.

monoprint ideas
Hannah mono-printing


You Will Need:

  • Acrylic paints
  • Rollers
  • Laminate or some plastic film or Xerox transparencies  to roll out the paints
  • Pencil or paint brush to make marks with
  • A4 paper – Good quality white as well as newsprint and an assortment of different texture and coloured papers including sugar paper etc.
  • Interesting objects to draw – in this workshop we had children’s toys scattered around the table

Allow a minimum of 1& 1/2 hours for the session and plenty of time to clear up!

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