What Is Sculpture?

Sculpture is…

The name we give to art which is three-dimensional.

If we take a lump of clay, and mould it to make an object – that can be sculpture.

If we take a lump of wood, and cut and carve it to turn it into an object – that can be sculpture.

If we take lots of materials like twigs and string and wire and wool – and fasten them together into an object – that can be sculpture.

Sometimes sculpture is tiny – so tiny you need to get really close to see it.

Sometimes sculpture is huge – so big you can only see it all if you are a long way away.

Sometimes it’s easy to see what the sculpture is of…

Sometimes it’s really hard to know what you are looking at, and you have to think really hard, or read the title, or talk to someone to find out.

Sometimes sculpture makes you feel great – it might even make you smile.

Other times sculpture can make you feel other ways…

Sometimes, just when you think you know what sculpture is, you come across something you wouldn’t expect, like a sculpture made out of …

… light!

…or sound!….

or smell!

Sculptures are usually made by artists who call themselves Sculptors.

But sculptures can be made by anyone. All we need to do, is look at the materials around us, and ask:

“What can they become? What can I make?”

What Is Sculpture

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