3. Gathering Tools and Equipment for Design and Technology.

This resource is part of the Tool Box series by AccessArt, which shares design and technology project ideas via a series of lesson plans.

Gathering Tools and Equipment for Design and Technology – Video for Pupils
Explains to pupils which tools they might want to use in their project

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You’ve got the materials. Now lets check out some tools you might need. Using the right tool for the right job can help you a lot!

Scissors: match the pair to the job! Paper scissors for paper: Sharper scissors for fabric. If you have thick cardboard, you might find it easier to use a small saw rather than scissors.

Hand saws: Have a variety at hand, then you can experiment to see which is the right saw for the right material. And don’t forget if you are sawing something, you need to hold it still somehow. If you have access to a desk vice – perfect. If not, ask a helper to hold the wood still for you.

Pliers: pointy nosed pliers are good for bending wire. Combination pliers are good for cutting wire.

Hand drill: for making holes. Again you need something to help you hold your material still, as you drill.

Screwdrivers and hammers – for helping you to fasten.

Cold melt glue guns – for quick, strong glue joints – but remember even cold melt glue guns get HOT!

Clamps – for holding stuff while it sets.

Rulers, tape measures, pens, pencils for marking and measuring.

Remember: Tools can be dangerous so use them with care.

Top Tip: Watch our videos showing you how to use tools if you are unsure!

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