Tool Box: Making Games (DT Project)

Tool Box is a series of digital resources aimed at enabling an exploration of Design and Technology in primary schools (Key Stage 2).

The Tool Box series of resources focuses around the design, building and marketing of games which can be used in school fetes or on fundraising days. The project encourages pupils to explore “design through making”, and enables an exploration of materials and how to manipulate those materials through the use of simple tools.

Tool Box comprises of a series of videos/teachers notes and digital modules all of which can be accessed from this page.

Please scroll right down the page to access all resources for teachers and pupils.

Teachers can email AccessArt with images of games made by pupils as a result of Tool Box. We’d love to hear from you!

Design & Technology project ideas

Tool Box: Notes for Teachers

Notes for Teachers

Project Introduction, Intention and Outcome

Find out more about the Tool Box project and how it might work in your classroom Read More!

Tools & Materials List

Project Preparation

What do you need to do to prepare for the project? See the list!

The ABC of Tools

Download a Visual PDF which you can display in your classroom

Familiarise pupils with simple tools and how to use them Download the PDF!

Tool Tips!

Quick videos which describe how to use simple tools!

How to use pliers, cut wood, sand wood, use a hammer! See the videos!

Tool Box: Resources for Pupils to use in the Classroom