7. Miss, I’ve Finished – Reflecting on your project.

This resource is part of the Tool Box series by AccessArt, which shares design and technology project ideas via a series of lesson plans.

Miss, I’ve Finished – Reflecting on your project. A Video for Pupils
Last checks and last minute thoughts…

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“OK so you think you’ve finished. Time for a final test – ask someone else to have a look at your game, and have a go to make sure it works. Then ask some more questions:

  • Is it strong enough to withstand playing with?! Do I need to go back to a particular joint/area to make it stronger?
  • Does it look good? Could I make it look any better?
  • Do I need to make anything else to go with it? For example, if your game needs people to stand a certain distance away, could you make a line which you place on the floor? Does it need a stage? Accessorize your game!”

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