Online Learning during Covid-19

AccessArt are pleased to offer these free-to-access participatory projects to those at home during the Covid-19 outbreak. We hope they provide a focus for creative exploration and respite time for calm wellbeing for all ages.

Further resources will be added each week

The Drawing Challenge

3 Drawing Warm-ups and 2 Drawing Projects

AccessArt is running an international Drawing Challenge with the aim of helping support individuals to develop drawing skills through a series of inspirational exercises and drawing projects, suitable for use at home.

What's Your Space?

Interior Design Challenge

What’s Your Space? encourages children and young teenagers to think about design and making. Created in partnership with the David Parr House in Cambridge and with the teenage #BeACreativeProducer team.

Animation Opportunity

Spaces and Places That Make Me Happy

Lots of inspiration to inspire teenagers to make animations using digital media.

Resources and Advice for Parents

During Covid-19 Lockdown

AccessArt has many resources suitable for children, teenagers and parents to use at home during self-isolation. See how we can help.
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