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AccessArt has many resources suitable for children, teenagers and parents to use at home during self-isolation. 

Scroll down and explore the free-to-access resources below. New resources will be added each week

Advice for Parents - Easy as A, B, C


You don\’t need fancy art materials. Just provide access to as many types of drawing tools as you have in the house (even Biro\’s are fine). Children can draw on opened-out envelopes or the backs of food packages. Be creative and don\’t feel restricted by lack of \”proper\” materials.

Create Space

Obviously a child/teenager needs a physical space to work, but they also need mental space. Once you are sure they understand the activity, try not to hover and watch them. Hang back and give them space. It\’s also important to let them go off on tangents – if something captures their imagination and they follow their own path, then celebrate that. Now isn\’t the time to know them back and try to keep them \”on task\” when actually following their own path at this stage is probably more important. 


Remember creativity is a very fragile process. Who doesn\’t remember someone telling them they can\’t sing or can\’t draw, and then that person never revisiting that activity as an adult. When a child or teenager has made something, don\’t be too quick to judge or dismiss what they have done. Try asking them to tell you about it (if they are younger), or try the activity yourself to see how the experience was for you, and then have a shared conversation about it. Be positive and open!


Remember drawings can legitimately be made on tablets and phones using free apps. Explore the animation competition and resources below to use digital technology to create animations. 

Resources & Ideas


Continuous Line Drawing Exercise

Enjoy this short video which describes how to make a continuous line drawing, and then gives you the timed space to make your own drawing whilst listening to the audio. Perfect for all ages.

Drawing Small

The AccessArt Young Artists share this classic drawing exercise. Perfect for all ages.

Exploring the Drawing Large drawing exercise

Perfect for all ages to encourage loose, exploratory drawing

The Drawing Challenge 2020!

Learn to make more confident drawings and develop your drawings into artist\’s books! Download the pdf via the form on this page. Suitable for all ages.

The Drawing Challenge 2017!

Learn about mark making and take part in the drawing challenge. Download the pdf via the form on this page. Suitable for all ages.

Ten Minutes, Five Times a Week

5 simple drawing exercises, one a day for a week. Can be revisted each week, suitable for all ages.

The Nonna Maria Drawing Challenge

Meet Nonna Maria, a very special granny bought to life by Luca Damiani in his video \”Maria and all the Grannies of the World – A story of kindness during the 2020 Coronavirus crisis” and join us in the Maria Drawing challenge! Draw your grandma or grandpa or any relative that you love and share it with them (and us!).



Free online sketchbook course for all ages


Making Worry Dolls

Perfect for primary-aged children. Use twigs if you don\’t have lolly sticks, and cut up old clothes to make the dolls clothes.

World in a Matchbox

Perfect for primary-aged children. Make a world in a matchbox (or any box) out of things you can find in the house.

Finger Puppets

Perfect for primary-aged children. Make finger puppets out of bits and pieces. Use them to make an animation using your phone or tablet (see below)

Keeping Calm

Mindfulness Prompt Cards

Download these simple prompt cards to help you make mindful drawings. Suitable for all ages.

Use Digital Media to be Creative

Resources to help you use your Phone as a Creative Tool

Find out how to create an animation on your phone or tablet! If you are 11 to 15 enter our competition, and if you are younger then make the animation for fun!

3,2,1 Photography Challenge

Be Inspired by AccessArt Young Artist Chloe Fox

For older children, teenagers and adults.

Animation Opportunity

Make an animation in response to the Covid-19 outbreak along the theme of \”Spaces & Places that Make me Happy\”

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