Info for Teachers: Covid-19 Update

Last Updated 28th April 2020

We hope the following information is helpful to teachers looking to use AccessArt to help deliver online learning. Please do get in touch if you have a specific question. 

This will be an evolving list so please bear with us as we respond to a slight change in the type of resources schools now need – but responding we are. We will be releasing new resources over the next few weeks. If you are already registered with AccessArt we will keep you up to date, if you are not registered pls do so. 

There are many more resources available on the AccessArt website than those mentioned below, but we do not want to add unnecessary “noise” at this time, so the resources below have been chosen as starting points for those in an early stage exploration of what AccessArt can offer. 

We have split the resources into “short term: online learning” and “long term: planning”.

Short Term: Online Learning

Firstly, We have created where we will be posting resources we highlight in relation to Covid-19. These are not by any means all the resources our of our 850 which are suitable for home learning; just a highlighted few. These pages will be updated weekly and can be shared directly with staff and parents: 

The above pages are always accessible from the “Covid-19” menu item on every page of, and contain stand alone projects you may wish to send to children/families.

We have reformatted our online sketchbooks skills course so that it is fully accessible to home users of all ages. You can find this via this page. 

We are also reformatting our “7 steps to drawing” course and “ten minutes five times a day” – which has 5 drawing exercises. They will be ready over the next few weeks. 

Each “course” comprises several elements and realistically could provide a whole terms worth of learning in themselves. Most importantly, when children return to school, they would have learnt valuable skills which will stay with them.

There are lots more resources of course and if you have a particular theme or media in mind then we can respond to that with suggested plan. Drawing and sketchbooks is a great way in for home users though as materials are always at hand (even if its just a biro and an envelop!). 

Long Term: Planning

Many schools are taking the opportunity to plan the art curriculum for when things return to normal. To help with this please visit the page below which houses our Exemplar Plan for EYFS and Primary, plus our Progression Plan.

You can also find currciulum advice at

(Both the above pages are also accessible from the “I am” menu on the main menu of AccessArt. Choose “Primary Teacher” from the “I am”  menu).

We really hope those links help and we’re very happy to keep talking to help you through this.