Sarah Dudman & Debbie Locke: Collaborative Working

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Sara Dudman

“I make paintings and drawings in response to specific environments, behaviours and experiences.

I use a combination of video and traditional recording methods to explore and record interactions and relationships with the environment.

Contemporary painterly qualities and drawn marks are essential aspects of my work, helping me to capture and express the movements and physicality of my subjects. Through the process of drawing and painting I identify and draw out patterns and structures from the subject I’m working with.

My work sits on the edge of representation and abstraction, full of expression, memory and reality.

I enjoy painting and using paint to capture the essence of my subjects which are often fleeting moments or people, animals or objects in movement. It is fundamentally my desire to test the boundaries of the potential of painting and drawing which drives my work.”

Debbie Locke

“I’m fascinated by the process of ‘mapping’ and use drawing to explore this. I’m interested in how people and animals can describe a place by walking through it and so I track their journeys by recording their movements using GPS handsets. The GPS data is then transferred to a kinetic drawing machine which attempts to re-draw their routes, creating a cumulative map of densely interwoven black lines. By adopting a ‘Heath Robinson’ approach in the assembly of the machine, I encourage chance and random interference into this mapping process. This will hopefully result in drawings that go beyond their expected pre-determined outcome.”