Session Recording: Preparing To Use The AccessArt Primary Art Curriculum

In this session recording you will find out how you might introduce AccessArt to staff, how you can transition from your existing scheme or plan, test drive activities with children and teachers, and how you can prepare the materials and resources you will need to deliver our curriculum.


Explore the links shared in the session below:

3:30 Step 1: Ensure Everyone Understands the AccessArt Ethos

7:15 Step 2: Understand the Difference between your Existing Approach

14:00 Step 3: Reassure

15:30 Step 4: Build Confidence

16:30 Step 5: Think About a School Intro Exercise

21:07 Step 6: Familiarise Staff with curriculum support documents and navigation

23:10 Step 7: Past and Future CPD

24:48 Step 8: Gather Materials

25:40 Step 9: Questions

27:27 Assessment

30:20 EYFS

31:52 Ofsted

39:54: A Presentation for Your Staff Room

This is a sample of a resource created by UK Charity AccessArt. We have over 1500 resources to help develop and inspire your creative thinking, practice and teaching.

AccessArt welcomes artists, educators, teachers and parents both in the UK and overseas.

We believe everyone has the right to be creative and by working together and sharing ideas we can enable everyone to reach their creative potential.