It Is Through Our Hands…

AccessArt and the #BeACreativeProducer Project are proud to support the 2019 UNESCO International Arts Education Week, supported by the World Alliance for Arts Education and InSEA through the “It Is Through Our Hands” video. #Making_InSEA

Sharing “It Is Through Our Hands” and Using it to Inspire Creativity…

We hope you will show “It Is Through Our Hands” to your pupils and audiences in classrooms, workshops and assemblies. Perhaps you might then like to celebrate the creativity of your audiences/pupils through the activities below. 

Workshop Session Ideas

With Thanks To…

Many thanks to all involved in making “It Is Through Our Hands”

#BeACreativeProducer Project

Soundtrack: Rise by Alex Tunstall

Maisie, Lauren, Emily, Owen, Oliver and from Durham Sixth Form Centre

Words & Editing by Paula Briggs

InSEA and Susan Coles