Painting a Bluebell Forest in Cyan, Magenta and Process Yellow on a Large Scale

By Sheila Ceccarelli

In this project young teenagers were given the opportunity to paint on a larger scale and immerse themselves in colour. We were all inspired by the spring!

Students transformed the room into a bluebell forest in cyan, magenta and process yellow Scolaquip acrylic paint.

CMY - Working big - SC Artworks with Scola Acrylic Paint
A student from AccessArt’s Experimental Drawing Class working big in cyan and magenta

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AccessArt is a UK Charity and we believe everyone has the right to be creative. AccessArt provides inspiration to help us all reach our creative potential.

Be Inspired to Inspire

Teenagers take on the challenge of transforming a studio into their own bluebell forest.

See how a group of young artists create an enchanted installation.

Exploring Primary Colours and Progressing from Powder Paint to Gouache and Acrylic

Mastering colour mixing

This resource is based on methods shared during an AccessArt InSET session for primary school teachers at New Hall School, Chelmsford, to ultimately enable their pupils to develop colour skills. Teachers explored using their intuition and experience to mix primary colours, creating coloured swatches that matched the colours of spring flowers, whilst comparing painting mediums.