The Art Of Zines

By Stephanie Cubbin

In this post Stephanie shares a beautiful and thought provoking zine created by a group of creative Sixth Form students. Through curation and design students have amplified their voices collectively and have taken ownership of their work. This could be an exciting project for students interested in editorial work or those who like to use their creativity to make their voice heard.

“A definition of the zine is often self-published, counterculture and small in circulation. Many are anti-authoritarian and therefore by in large, attractive to teenagers as a way to explore their own cultural identities and creativity.

My brilliant colleague is a collector of old discarded books and magazines, and the development of the zine came from her finding a way to use all the wonderful adverts in the donated Oxfam books. This, with a cohort of art students that were excellent creative writers too, saw the beginning of the sixth form zine.”


Portrait and Collage Sketchbook Page by Stephanie Cubbin

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