The Fitzwilliam Collection

Since 2016, AccessArt has teamed up with Kate Noble, education officer at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, and the education team, to deliver CPD (continued professional development) for primary school teachers in Cambridgeshire.

The aim of the sessions is to empower teachers to use the museum’s collection and experience hands-on making to inspire creativity in the classroom as well as develop a creative community of artists, educators, and teachers locally.

Beyond that, we hope that these resources, enriched with images of objects and paintings from the museum’s collection, and packed with creative ideas, will inspire you from wherever you are.

With many thanks to the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, and Kate Noble for this ongoing collaboration.


Inspired by Jacopo Del Sellaio\'s Cupid and Psyche

Inspire: A Celebration of Children’s Art in Response to Jacopo del Sellaio’s Cupid and Psyche

The Fitzwilliam Museum and AccessArt teamed together to offer free CPD (Continued Professional Development for Teachers), focusing on one painting, Cupid and Psyche by Jacopo del Sellaio, resulting in Inspire, an exhibition of art made by primary school children. Inspire celebrated creativity in Cambridgeshire schools and championed the on-going importance of cultural learning and the visual arts for all children and young people. See this collection of resources sharing the Inspire story told by teachers, pupils, and the Inspire Team.

Inspired by Edgar Degas

Three Resources Inspired by the exhibition Degas A Passion for Perfection

Exploring printmaking, drawing, and sculptural processes inspired by Edgar Degas.

Teachers Explore ‘Line and Shape’ in the Museum

A Collection of Creative Responses to Objects and Paintings

Here museum education in the galleries is married with practical, hands-on learning in fine art disciplines including drawing, printmaking, sketchbooks, collage, and sculpture.

All Resources Follow the links below to see all resources created in collaboration with the Fitzwilliam Museum Education Team




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