Unesco: Celebrating the Power of Making!

By Jan Miller

Using colour on large scale work
Jan Miller

It’s in Our Hands

Inspired by Paula’s recent rousing film, I was keen to put some images together to illustrate the things the children in my class do with their hands. It shows them in the process of making, the work in progress by showing the process or technique and some final pieces.

Art For All

Being creative, in any media, should be an essential part of everyone’s leisure time and contributes to our well-being. Whether it is doodling, cutting, filming on your phone or moulding plasticine, making time to recharge our creativity makes us feel better and therefore is an essential part of children’s daily curriculum. It is appropriate for all ages and levels of ability.

Finding time to learn a new skill or craft, or nurture a hidden talent can be very rewarding. There are lots of short 1 day courses or have a look in the local library were shelves are dedicated to crafting with things found around the home. I have an upcoming workshop to forge a poker, make a clay tile and create a brooch.

Activities, held after school and at lunchtime, for my classes have included making props and signs for the school play, junk modelling, slow stich, knitting and circus headdresses.

It is important that teachers refrain from telling their class that they can’t draw themselves, as Art is much more than simply drawing with a sense of realism. The children should see teachers and adults engage as makers.

We make….

Paper houses made from printed papers
paper houses from our printed papers…

We draw…

Drawing on a large scale
…spontaneously on a large scale on painted paper, with no eraser.

We design…

Sketching and thinking through ideas
…by sketching to visualise and think through our ideas.

We shape…

Moulding clay

Using clay to mould and sculpt animals
…or using our drawings as templates for clay work.

We paint…

Mixing colours and adding texture
… by mixing our own colours, using sgraffito to add textures.
Jan Miller - Unesco
…and love painting collaboratively on a large scale with bright colours.

We cut…

Jan Miller - Unesco
…textures and patterns from magazine to make fun people from collage; and using our own photographs considering the positive and negative shapes.

Jan Miller - Unesco

We build…

Jan Miller - Unesco
… our ideal home – by making a tree house with found materials.

We print…

Jan Miller - Unesco
… by layering printing techniques.
Jan Miller - Unesco
… and making mock-etching prints by exploring mark-making.

We make marks…

Jan Miller - Unesco
…using brushes and pens to make thick and thin lines when drawing an imaginary village.
Jan Miller - Unesco
…make marks with any tools – using the wooden end of the brush to create a variety of lines.

We think…

Jan Miller - Unesco
… and learn about styles of Art in history and across different cultures through research.

We create…

Jan Miller - Unesco
… by making pictures that move and come to life when you interact with them, to make them slide, turn and pop up.

We produce…

Jan Miller - Unesco
… art that is colourful to surround us and celebrates our observations.

We share…

Jan Miller - Unesco
…our experience by inviting other schools to join us and support each other to be creative and make Art.

We try…

Jan Miller - Unesco
… by helping each other to share and learn crafting skills – using our hands to explore new materials. Inviting visitors into school to demonstrate and show their talents.

Jan Miller - Unesco

We test…

Jan Miller -Unesco
… by using sketchbooks to trial materials, techniques and mix colours, before using this information in subsequent work.

We collaborate…

Jan Miller - Unesco
… by working jointly on a larger piece.

We communicate…

Jan Miller - Unesco
… by making Art a gift for someone special, to be shared and treasured, like this pom-pom keyring.

We contribute…

Jan Miller - Unesco
…responding to art and sharing information. Taking notes when listening to galleries talking about art.

We celebrate…

Exhibited work of young artist competition

We imagine…

Jan Miller - Unesco
… by recycling and making with found materials. Shaping, cutting and sticking to make models such as our circus wagons to create our ideas.
Jan Miller - Unesco
…drawing from memory, imagination and observation.
Jan Miller - Unesco
… working quickly and spontaneously with pens and scissors.

Set your hands free…

Jan Miller - Unesco
… by casting in plaster and adding colour.


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