Teams of Expertise

During 2021 AccessArt will be pulling together teams of experienced practitioners to help us create content for the AccessArt website. The practitioners will come from many backgrounds/sectors: teachers, lecturers, facilitators, creative practitioners and subject specialists, including representatives of SEND and lifelong learners, from the UK and overseas. 

The practitioners will build on AccessArt’s in-house skills and expertise, and work with us remotely to help advise/create content around five main areas of development highlighted for 2021:

  • The Drawing Journey – Creating pathways through drawing to help schools deliver exciting and diverse drawing approaches which underpin visual arts and creativity.

  • The Sketchbook Journey – Pathways to help schools understand and explore what sketchbooks can offer young learners and how they might be used to help pupils reach their creative potential.

  • The Making Journey – Pathways to ensure we provide opportunities for learners to develop their dexterity and material transformation skills. 

  • The Creative Journey – Resources to help teachers and pupils better understand what it is to “be creative”, enabling them to trust and own the creative process.

  • Creative Pedagogy and Pathways – Resources which explore transferable practice between sectors, inspired by a virtual group.

It is important to our organisation that our contributors are recognised for all that they do and feel like they have a stake in our work – we are all working to support the same communities and all benefit from our combined shared expertise. 


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