From Bones and Body to Structure and Form – by Melissa Pierce Murray

Artist Melissa Pierce Murray worked with teenagers from AccessArt’s Experimental Drawing Class on a series of workshops which physically explored drawing and sculptural responses to form, forces and anatomy.

Horse - Rebecca

This collection will inspire teachers and artist educators to be able to use creative approaches to understanding and responding to science topics; from developing a sculptural understanding of anatomy to developing curious and playful responses to the physical world.

These sessions lasted for an hour and a quarter and took place over a term at Cambridge ArtWorks.

Beginning with Bones

Teenagers make observational drawings of a 1/4 life size model of a skeleton to understand the structure of the human body and looked at work by Alberto Giacometti and Henri Matisse. Read More

Day of the Dead Skulls

This workshop combined students\’ studies of the skull with ideas borrowed from the Mexican traditions for Dia de Muertos – The Day of the Dead. Read More

Dancing Bones

Inspired by real anatomical drawings of human, ape, cat, lion, horse and dog skeletons, teenagers build \’life size\’ and \’oversize\’ collages of \’dancing skeletons.\’ Read More

Working with Ink

In this one hour session, led by artist Melissa Pierce Murray, students explore techniques and properties of Quink and Black India Inks, and how to build up a drawing using the medium. Read More

Magnets and Forces

Secondary school students are likely to study properties of magnets in their science classes, but in this workshop, artist Melissa Pierce Murray, encourages teenagers to explore playful and aesthetic responses to magnets, rather than analytic and quantifiable ones. Using artistic and scientific approaches together aid in developing curiosity and imagination. Read More

The Opposite of Light

Teenagers work on a range of explorations looking at light and contrasts. This workshop explores contemporary themes around placement, object and meaning. Read More

Two and Four Legged Creatures

Two and Four Legged Creatures with oil based clay over a simple wire armature to make delicate, extended structures. Read More


Artist Melissa Pierce Murray leads teenagers in a festive workshop exploring snowflakes and decorating Christmas cookies with piping and egg tempura. Read More

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