Making and Drawing Birds

Enjoy these resources which we hope will help inspire your exploration of drawing and making birds.

creating decorative designs from birds: markmaking, texture and pattern

In the Company of Birds


dragons and birds in eggs: hidden and revealed

Rowan: Making a Clay Bird from a Mould

making birds! sculptural ideas for primary schools

Sculptural Birds in Flight by Teenage Makers

rook: transforming materials

Printing at Battyford Primary, Inspired by Hester Cox

'Flock' at Prospect House School, Inspired by Veronica Lindsay-Addy

book transformation: flock of birds

drawing birds with mixed media: creating effects with oil pastels, crayons and ink washes

'Dawn Chorus' by Marcus Coates

Colourful Sculptural Birds by Pupils at Donhead Preparatory School

Priscilla the Puffin: Make a Simple Bird Mobile

How to Make a Simple Origami Bird by Melanie Johns

Paper Pidgeon Project

'Birds in the Trees' by Pupils at Battyeford Primary School

Brave Young Makers: Year Three Pupils at Ridgefield Primary Transform materials into Birds and Insects

making modroc sculpture

cantus articus (Concerto for birds and orchestra) Op.61: Images Inspired by Music

Perseverance, Determination and Inventiveness: Building Nests